Stephen Smith
Lives and works in the UK


Stephen Smith (b. 1975, UK) makes work that draws on a process of deconstruction. The starting point has recently originated from conspiracy theories, bit-rot, psycho-geography and post-traumatic landscapes. Stephen works predominately with painting, drawing, print and installation. He uses a process of formal abstraction to deconstruct and reconstruct the form by physically cutting through large sections of canvas in order to reconfigure the work with machine stitch. Through these themes, forms and motifs are built up and re-worked over time, with each iteration new works are formed in which the dialogue is in a state of flux.

Recent work has largely focussed on large scale paintings based on a residency trip he took with Unknown Fields Division (Architectural Association, London) to the exclusion zone of Chernobyl and the lost city of tomorrow Pripyat. He has exhibited his work internationally including: Baltic Centre for Contemporary Art, Nam June Paik Centre (South Korea) and Mu (Netherlands).

Instagram: #neasdencontrolcentre

Selected Exhibitions

2017 Code Art Fair (w. Mini Galerie), Copenhagen, Denmark
2017 British Artists Summer Show, Heals, London, UK
2017 Current Mood (w. Jeroen Erosie), Galerie Celal M13, Paris, France
2016 Shifting Ground, Hestercombe Gallery, Taunton, UK
2016 Object Matter, Mini Galerie, Amsterdam, Netherlands
2016 Radical Utopias, Mini Galerie, Amsterdam, Netherlands
2016 Unstable Monuments, Group Show, Victoria Wharf, Turo, UK
2015 Papierkowa Robota Group Show, V9 Gallery, Warsaw
2015 II, Minigalerie, Amsterdam, Netherlands
2014 Inland Art: Assemble Now, Back Lane West, Redruth, Cornwall
2013 Three Man Show, Protein Gallery, London, UK
2013 Magnus Magnum, Studio Belleflamme, Grivegnée, Belgium
2012 Working Drawings, London Gallery West, London, UK
2012 Play, Game, Place, State, Collyer Bristow Gallery, London, UK
2011 Smoke fall, Tintype Gallery, London, UK
2011 Get The Papers, Galleries Goldstein, London, UK
2011 It’s your lucky day (w. Micheal Swaney), Meeatings 23, Barcelona, Spain
2010 More With Less, Mu, Eindhoven, Netherlands
2010 Working Drawings, SIA Gallery, Sheffield, UK
2010 Autumn Show, Guerrero Gallery, San Francisco, US, Co-Curated by Eddie Martinez
2009 Das Herz Von St Pauli, Iguapop Gallery, Barcelona, Spain
2008 Take Away, Calm and Punk Gallery, Tokyo, Japan
2008 Now Jump!, Nam June Paik Centre, South Korea
2008 5 Year Show, Helium Cowboy Gallery, Hamburg, Germany
2008 Scope Art Fair, Basel, Switzerland (w. Helium Cowboy Gallery)
2008 No New Enemies, Nuits des Botaniques, La Botanique, Brussels, Belgium
2007 Capital Stupid, Permanent Gallery, Brighton
2007 Little Land, Helium Cowboy Gallery, Hamburg, Germany
2007 Scope Art Fair, New York, Miami, Basel (w. Helium Cowboy Gallery)
2006 Spank The Monkey, Baltic Centre for Contemporary Art, Gateshead
2006 Bar Leandro, Helium Cowboy Gallery, Hamburg, Germany
2006 Ding Dong, Altona, Hamburg, Germany
2003 Crossed New Territories of Avant Garde, Centre de Cultura Contemporània, Barcelona, Spain


2013 The Age of Collage, Contemporary Collage in Modern Art, Gestalten
2010 More With Less, MU
2009 Now Jump!, Nam June Paik Art Center, South Korea
2007 Lost Control, Neasden Control Centre, Gestalten
Spank The Monkey, Baltic Centre for Contemporary Art, Gestalten
2006 Smithfield Building, Neasden Control Centre, Rojo
2003 Neasden Control Centre, Gestalten
2003 Crossed, New Avant-Garde Design Territories, Centre de Cultura Contemporània de Barcelona

Awards / Residency / Workshops

2016 Hestercombe Gallery, Residency
2016 Plymouth Arts Centre, Batter Street Studio, Residency
2014 CalArts | California Institute of the Arts
2011 Unknown Fields Division (Chernobyl, Aral Sea + Russian Space Centre) Residency
2008 British Council Visual Arts Award
2006 Arts Council of England Visual Arts Award


Hestercombe Gallery
Mini Galerie
Plymouth Arts Centre
Unknown Field Division
Nam June Paik Centre
Neasden Control Centre